Thursday, January 25, 2007

Personal life beyond professional life

I can't help it. When the personal life of a singer, musician, actor or actress goes far beyond their career, i can't belive their anymore.

When i see angelina jolie in some movie, i can't believe her role. She has a concrete image she transmites. Formerly she used to be that horny, freak, dark, anormal woman, who didn't care about nothing, that french kisses his brother in public. Now she pretends to be an adorable mama. Ok. Good for her. But when i see her as a police, or a good girl in the cinema, how can i believe her?. I just can't.

Now i used to like eric clapton, until i found how his life was. I mean, first he stole her best friend's wife (Patty Smith, george harrison's wife) they remain friends, i know, but whatever. Then, as she was sterile, she cheates on her and have a child with another woman. Then they broke up. Then she cheates on the other woman with another woman and had another son. How moral is this?. Ok, his songs are ok, but i don't like people who are spreading sons all around the world as hobby. I think that having a child it's something more serious. Or this persons go blind (and totally out of control)when the "love" come to his door?


  1. Gracias por pasarte por mi blog. Me apunto la idea el post, aunque a veces es difícil expresar esas cosas sin herir a nadie...

  2. me lo explicarás en español o gallego, porque no menteré mu bien de lo de eric clapton... aunque no se si kiero saberlo....

  3. A mi tambien me pasa a veces, cuando un actor/actriz se convierte en un personaje "demasiado" publico me cuesta separar su trabajo de lo que se de su vidad, es cierto, me parecen menos creibles...
    Curiosamente, esto, es decir, el conocer hechos de sus vidas no me afecta a la hora de disfrutar del trabajo de cantantes.


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