Thursday, December 21, 2006

I'm gonna show you Santiago (II)

Well, the most well-known thing about Santiago, is its cathedral. It was Romanesque in origin but nowadays its Baroque. It has a rich Spanish Baroque style called Churrigueresque in one of its facades. Since I don't have any of my own photograph of the inside, i will only post the outside.

A view of the Berenguela Tower from Vilar Street

Praterías Square (souther facade)

Obradoiro Square (with the Parador dos Reis Católicos at the background)

Obradoiro Squeare with the Town hall called Pazo de Raxoi (neoclassic style)

West facada, with the Pórtico de la Gloria on the inside.

Another day i'll show you the inside.


  1. ouh! what a beautiful city! will you invite me to walk for there?

  2. Oh!!! Santiago looks so nice and interesting!!!


Gracias por comentar! :)


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