Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The CV or Resume

Since I studied human resources, they give me a lot of advices about how to make a good CV that i will try to resume here for those who care.

First of all a resume is a one or two (never more!) page summary of your education, skills, accomplishments, and experience. Here are the tips they gave me:

  1. The CV must be structured and summarized.
  2. They recommend using a white or similar color paper.
  3. The languages skill have to be identify separately as written, spoken and reading.
  4. If you put a photo on it (not unless it's requested) it have to be a current one an scanned.
  5. Put a professional mail on it.
  6. You have to sell yourself, don't put your failures or your weak points on it.
  7. Highlight your skills but not too much.
  8. If you don't have any experience, then list your educational information first.
  9. If you have experience, give the employer an overview of work that has taught you skills.
  10. Include only the relevant information for the job (don't include information or courses that have nothing to do with the job)

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