Monday, October 23, 2006


Camper is a spanish shoes manufacturer.

The whole Camper history begins when Antonio Fluxa, craftsman shoemaker, introduces the first machine to manufacturing shoes after a trip to London in 1875.

In 1975, her son, Lorenzo Fluxa founded Camper and begins to produce shoes, but only for Spain. In 1990 begins their international expansion.

Camper's shoes are well-known for its comfort, originality and design. But, obviously, they are not cheap, you have to pay the price of that. However, there are some Camper outlets where you can find bargains.

When i'm wearing my red ballerina shoes ever

y body is stearing at me!

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  1. Camper's shoes are pretty "bonitos". My girlfriend use to speak a lot about it.

    She also it's so nice, beautiful and confortable. But you have to pay for that.xD

    Good blog and nice job.

    See you!


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